Keegan Kruse

I’ve always been intrigued and energized by the night.  The tones are rich, the shadows are crisp, and the people are interesting. My artwork focuses on photography after dusk; a lot of it is abstract, and a lot of it showcases my surroundings, be it city, nature, or people.  Like all photographers, my medium is light. However, in most of my work, I like to create my own. With my camera alongside my vibrant and colorful hand-crafted light units; I create energetic, surreal images that would otherwise be impossible to enjoy with the naked eye.


•Artist in Forest Giant's Gridlock show (Sept. 2018 - (upcoming))

•Artist in First Light Gallery's On Street Photography exhibit (June 2018)

•Artist in Huff Gallery's Crossing Borders show (Feb. 2016)

•Featured Artis in Cincinnati Refined’s Article“ The Batman of the Art World” (Feb. 2015)  

•Featured Artist in Fort Thomas Living’s Article“ The Noctographer” (March 2015)

• 1st Place for Color Photography in LEO Weekly Magazine (Jan. 2015)



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